Why You Need Me

I Want To Change The Way You Think

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What's This All About?

Career Hunting

I'm in pursue of a career that matches my passion, plus I will be graduating this may, so I'll have a lot of time on my hands.
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My Story

I have always been a little different... Let me explain.
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Why Culture

Organizational culture is the breeding ground for innovation and advancement. It also makes working fun.
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Is This A Joke?
No. I really do need a job.

How Can I Hire You?
Look no further! I operate on all communication channels; email, phone, Facebook, LinkedIn, and carrier pigeons.

I Can't Give You a Job, but I like This..?
It's okay; I appreciate you viewing the site!
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Hi I am Elad Schor a student now, and this is . A simple site, and it is meant to be. It was born from the simple idea - try and gain employment.

There is an endless amount of amazing and innovative companies out there looking for talent to match their growth. This website was made so all those companies would have a chance to find me.

My interests lie in: sales & product development, marketing & global strategy, and consulting.